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¿What the heck is this Jazz stuff?

   I had nooo idea, little did i know it was already in me - my mother singing summertime and God Bless the child around the house, My grandparents throwing all these names around - not to mention, I don't know too many highschool students who spend their saturday nights watching black and white swingin films like Stormy Weather on the classic movie channel. Despite all that I was convinced I was going to be on Broadway...or If I followed through with that Invitation to the Rome Opera Festival, maybe I'd do some Opera - jazz wasn't even in my mind. Suffice it to say, as I rode the bus to NYC to catch Chicago (and subsequently cry through it as i dreamed of being up there), the only cassette tape I had with me was a collection of Jazz vocalists I "borrowed" from my mother. My senior thesis was "Jazz Me Blues - A Brush Through The Beginnings of jazz with song and Narration".

While studying dance composition, I took my first Jazz Vocal classes with the incredible Giacomo Gates.  I don't know what I'd be doing now if it weren't for him!

When I got to Spain, I attended the Jam Session at Barsito and met the people who would become my European family, including many musicians. but the relaxed flow of things in the beautiful south was too slow for me, so I headed to the capital where I ended up playing just about every club in town, with only the Swinginest Musicians beside me and of course my dear Hoofer Ludovico Hombravella.  We  gained even more popularity running the Tap Jams together; played more clubs, Festivals, the Radio, we even started an Electro-Swing Project with the DJ replacing the Drummer (Yeah, the drummer wasn't too excited about that one...)....Another project that was beautiful was the Contradúo - Just the Bassist and I on the stage.


AND NOW.....

Some day there shall be a CD BUT, In the meantime, everyone is welcomed to come see mi live in "T.J. Jazz Sings Billie Holiday" which premiered at Bogui Jazz Club in celebration of Lady Days 100th Birthday.

I continuously work to learn more about jazz culture and embrace the connections between jazz music, jazz dance, race, those strong influences on todays culture and sharing that knowledge with audiences. Someday I hope to entertain audiences with this knowledge accompanied by a big band while in step with dancers...and perhaps a CD...



Burlada Blues Festival  (Pamplona), Espanish Blues Festival (Madrid), Bogui Jazz Club (Madrid), Noa Lur & The Walter Sax Big Band (Madrid), Jam de La Mona (BCN), Talavera International Jazz Festival (Talavera de La Reina), Madrid International Jazz Festival (Madrid), The Juan March Foundation (Madrid),  Deutschen Institut für Improvisation (Germany), University of Karlstad (Sweden), EnVibop (Soria, Spain), Jazzazza Jazz Festival (Murcia, Spain), Mirajazz Festival (Miranda de Ebro, Spain), Bazamo (Leipzig, Germany),  Galería Jazz (Vigo, Spain), Sala Run Rum (Ferrol, Spain), Clavicémbalo (Lugo, spain), Sala Tararí (León, Spain),  Café Concierto Nido de Arte (Albacete, Spain), Mucho Teatro (Cádiz, Spain), Pay Pay (Cádiz, Spain), Cambalache (Cádiz, Spain), El Hoyo (El Puerto De Santa María Spain), Milwaulkee  Blues and Jazz Bar (El Puerto De Santa María, Sàn), Sala Compañía (Jeréz, Spain), Juventudes Musicales de Cádiz (the city of  Cádiz) y Tierramedia bar con Alcalá Jazz Festival (Sevilla, Spain),  Imperfecto (Madrid, Spain), la Riviera (Madrid, Spain), Teatro Buero Vallejeo (Alcorcón, Spain), El Plaza Jazz Club (Madrid, Spain), El Rincón del arte nuevo (Madrid, Spain), Café el Despertar (Madrid, Spain), Café Berlín (Madrid, Spain), la Escalera de Jacob (Madrid, Spain), Le Swing Jazz Club (Madrid, Spain), El Junco (Madrid, Spain), Sala Clamores (Madrid, Spain),  El Festival de Jazz Vocal de Pinto (Madrid, Spain), Café La Palma (Madrid), Veranos de La Vlla: El Cabaret Fotatne de Pia Tedesco (Madrid, Spain), and many, many  more.

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