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Producer, Director, Event Organizer





The first show I ever put togehter was JAZZ ME BLUES - My Senior thesis on Jazz History through song and Narration..


My very first full Fledged production was LES CARACTERES DE L'AMOUR at The Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford, CT, May 2003.



MAD TAP FEST (2010 - 2014, 2017, 2019, To be continued...)

MAD TAP Jam (2009 - 2020, To be continued...)

Bogui Swing Ball (2011 - 2013)

Espacio Temporal Festival Internacional de Danza (2009)

       LES C was an idea  inspired in  dance history class, while we studied 18th Century Ballet, and began discussing  the work of French ballerina François Prévost. The months that followed would be filled with much historical research, phone calls and e-mails to Europe;  the adaptation of setting, story line and content; choreography; musical compositions; artistic collaborations; costumes; Lighting; auditions;  collaboration of complex schedules; limited available cheap space; unwelcomed surprises; rehearsals; publicity and sponsors; fundraising; etc, etc.... Now THAT was a production! Those courses with Peter Waldron in Theater management and Production, and all of the hands on experience from musicals and pageants - finally found their meeting point! Not to mention how, as an artist, Being behind the audition table opened up a whole new world of comprehension!


       I am first and foremost an artist, but when opportunities are not available, I must create them, or risk wasting my passion, education and talent.  Also, since I am not a Politician, Doctor or Lawyer, the best chance I have at contributing to  making the world a better place is through the arts,  educating audiences, other artists and creating opportunities or spaces for expresion, creation and growth.  One can sit and wait for opportunities to appear, "be discovered"...or...  go out and do it yourself!


       I have always been a Nostalgia freak. Upon discovering all those things that  I loved were categorized under "Jazz culture", all things Jazz began to dominate my work; for example creating events around tap dance such as MAD TAP or organizing swing dance events with jazz dance performances and live jazz music.

As a choreographer, organizer, director, producer, any leadership role - Respect, Trust and Delegation are key.  Often times,  tasks can be carried out by one person but, so much more magic  happens when there is a team on board. As a leader, trust and respect must be felt all around - meaning working with people whose ideas, experience and abilities you trust enough to leave completely in their hands, and that those confidences are mutual. Aaand if it's not....that's one of the great things about being the leader ;) (Now I'm just being naughty)


            I feel that so many of the arts I love (Jazz, Tap, Modern...) are often presented in a way that other artists appreciate  and non-artists are often neglected. I hope that the shows and events I create are always  able to touch all of those open to participating, being entertained whilst exposed to something new!


        I firmly believe that entertainment is the most influential medium there is; Oh, the influence that magazines, T.V. Movies, Radio have on our desires, goals, ideas, opinions of people, cultures, clothes, everything! The people have I met in my travels that couldn't grasp that  I didn't listen to Rap and were strait up flabbergasted that I was American;  because Americans in American movies are white...or criminal. For that reason I also aim create events that share share important information in an interesting way.

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